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If you haven’t read the Bitcoin Whitepaper it’s only 9 pages!

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Bull Bitcoin is non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin.

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Shakepay is custodial with a user friendly mobile app.

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Bitcoin Well is Canada’s white glove Bitcoin Broker.

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Mobile Wallets

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Blockstream Green is available for Android and iOS.

Blockstream Green

Samourai Wallet is available for only Android.

Samourai Wallet

Blue Wallet is available for iOS and Android.

Blue Wallet

Hardware Wallet

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Coldcard an ultra-secure wallet with air-gap operation, assembled in Canada.

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Recommended Software w/Full Node

Specter Desktop

Electrum Wallet

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Earn Bitcoin

Shop online at participating merchants and earn Bitcoin.

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Buy gift cards and earn Bitcoin.

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Receive free Bitcoin rewards when you shop online.

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Meetup Schedule


August 2021

Tuesday August 3

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
YYC Bitcoin (Build A Node) @ Bitcoin Well

YYC Bitcoin – Calgary’s Bitcoin Meetup
Tuesday, August 3 at 6:30 PM

In this session we will guide you through the process of building and setting up a Bitcoin node. Learn the benefits of why everyone should be running …

Tuesday August 17

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
YYC Bitcoin Only (Bitcoin Tuesday)

YYC Bitcoin – Calgary’s Bitcoin Meetup
Tuesday, August 17 at 6:30 PM

Come learn and ask questions about Bitcoin! Be sure to check out our free resource page at



Bitcoin Fundamentals

Preston Pysh

Stephan Livera Podcast

Stephan Livera

Tales From The Crypt

Marty Bent & Matt Odell

What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormack

Recommended Episodes

Bitcoin Chart


“It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on." - Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin Issued


Bitcoin Left to Mine


Bitcoin Generated Daily


Bitcoin Users

Lose KYC, Gain Privacy

How To Use JoinMarket – Bitcoin Privacy Software


Mobile Wallet for Android. [Demo Video] [FAQ]


Desktop Wallet for Windows, Linux, OSX. [Demo Video] [FAQ]

Don't Trust, Verify

Download Bitcoin Core, the easiest way to run a Bitcoin full node on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

For Raspberry Pi4


MyNode is an easy to use, Bitcoin Node and Lightning Wallet. Features include simple web UI, Tor, Electrum Server, BTCPay Server, Block Explorer, Dojo, Whirlpool, JoinMarket, Mempool Viewer and more!

Setup Tutorial


Run your own Bitcoin and Lightning Network full-node, self-host open-source applications, cut the middlemen and use Bitcoin to its full potential.

Setup Tutorial

Security With Multisig

Bitcoin Multisig Guide

Get Started with Multisig, for intermediate/advanced users of Bitcoin only.

Unchained Capital

Financial services that include collaborative custody with concierge onboarding.


A seedless multisig backup service that removes a single point of failure.

Learn How to Trade


MarketTraders TV

MarketTradersTV is a community of positive-minded analysts that focus on educating people on how to develop & execute your own ideas, along with how to preserve and safeguard your hard-earned monies.


TR4D3R10 community is here to help you trading properly for longterm profitability. No shilling, only teaching good risk-management and proper technical analysis.

Beginner Video Series

In this 10 part series, you will learn basic TA concepts, support and resistance, failure to achieve and risk management.

Bitcoin Mining


Mine Bitcoin using your home computer or buy/sell computing power.


Publicly traded Bitcoin mining company based in Toronto. 


Monetize stranded gas with Bitcoin mining datacenters.

Start Accepting Bitcoin Today

BTCPay Server

BTCPay is an open source, self-hosted, cryptocurrency payment processor.


OpenNode is a payment processor that enables you to easily add a Bitcoin gateway to your business. You have the option to convert BTC into fiat.

Bitcoin Well

Bitcoin Well is a Canadian payment processor that enables you to easily integrate Bitcoin into your retail business through a clover machine.

Lightning Resources

LN Guide

A beginners guide to the Lightning Network.

Lightning Conductor

Third party that exchanges small amounts of Bitcoin or Lightning.


None custodial Bitcoin/Lightning Wallet – connect to your node over VPN or Tor.

Wallet of Satoshi

Lightning Wallet for iOS and Android.